Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bunny Hats and Dimonds

Hey Jammers!
Sorry for the late post! Spent most of the day outside my house. Anyway todays new Clothing Item is another returning item from the Freedom Party. Thats right the Freedom Bunny Hat is now sold at the New Years Party!
Credit to Snowyclaw for picture

Also the new Dimond on Display is being sold in the furniture area of Epic Wonders
Yikes 4,500... Anyway there was also a new post in the Daily Explorer about the Phantom Invation toys.
I have never been into collecting the toys myself... I am more of a plushie collecter =3 Well thats all for today!
Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wolf Firework and Owl Pets

Hey Jammers!
Really sorry I didn't post for the last two days. I was really busy! So the new item for today is the returning Wolf Firework for the 4th of July. But it makes sence for it to come back  now =3
Credit to Snowyclaw for the pic

Also there is a new post on the Daily Explorer
Congrats to Major Bravemajor for having a epic den! Also its the first day of the month... guess what that means? Monthly Gift! I love the gift for this month! Thats right members you can get your very own pet owl today (or any other time in the month)
Isn't this just so adorable =3 See you guys around!
Happy Jamming!

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hey guys!
I did a really big fail and I posted todays post for this blog on my Items blog! So I really don't feel like redoing it so view todays blog post on My Items blog. Just click  here. Sorry for the inconvinence! Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ruin Pathway

Hey Jammers!

I am so very sorry I haven't posted in like forever. I finally found time 2 start posting again =3 So today's new item is the Ruin Pathway sold at Jam Mart Furniture. Very nature related and it looks really cool

I will try to post every day again! Next week might be hard because I have all this stuff for skating and a school walk through. Just remember I love all my followers! See you in Jamma!

Happy Jamming

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Remember I am busy

Shmello Jammers

I would just like to remind you that I am really busy this summer. Between skating (yes I do figure skate) and other stuff I have 2 do in a day I can sometimes not have time to do a blog post. I just wanted to tell you guys because I don't want you 2 be mad I didn't post again or sad I haven't been posting. I am really thankful to have you guys to right to. Thank you so much!

Happy Jamming

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Star Fish Glasses

Shmello Jammers!

Today's new item is being sold at Bahari Bargain's. Kinda wacky if you ask me...

My question about these is how can we see through them? There is no lenses! Maybe AJHQ should have thought a little about that... I also encountered a glitch when I was trying on my Military Boots.

Its says I am wearing the boots...

But I am also wearing my glove.

But it shows the boots. Well I guess that is one way to stay warm =3. 
That's all for today Jammers!

Happy Jamming

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Military Boots

Shmello Jammers

Nothing much today in Jamma. Today's new item is the Military Boots sold in Jam Mart Clothing. I think they are kinda cute but I will have to see how they look on my animals.

Also if you look on my account I have a blog called Novi Clan. I would like to just point out that you guys should not look at it. It is for something me and a few friends do together and it is personal to us. So please do not look at it.
That's all for today jammers

Happy Jamming!